The PrimeSites team of skilled property managers currently handles over two million square feet of real estate. Whether the property is warehouse or office... it is the special attention to detail and personal service given to each property owner that makes the management department of PrimeSites successful.

Take a look at a few of the services we can provide...

Evaluating and Researching Competitive Owner Insurance Coverage
Coordination of Construction, Capital Improvements & Redevelopment
Facility management Coordination of Marketing Functions
Prepare a Marketing Plan to Aid in Achieving the Targeted Goals of the Property
Reviewing and Protesting Real Estate Taxes due
Complete a Property Profile including all Aspects of the Property
Property Tour and Recommendation Reports
Lease Abstracting, Tracking and Enforcement
Coordination of Marketing Functions
Monthly Financial Reports
Annual Budgeting Reports
Overseeing all Onsite Personnel
A/R Delinquency Control
Tenant Relations
Public Relations
Service Contract Negotiation
Prepare a Three-Year Asset Plan

Please contact us if you have questions about any service we can provide for you

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